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About Us
Board of Directors
  •   Mr. P.G. Joseph
•   Mr. Lal Fernando
•   Dr. Anil Cabraal
•   Dr. Prasanthi Gunawardana
•   Mr. Jayantha Gunasekara
•   Mr. Kishan Nanyakkara
•   Mr. Ranjit Wijeratne
Chief Operating Officer
Energy Forum Team
  •   Ms. Wathsala Herath
•   Mr. Kumudu Rangana
•   Mr. L.C. Prasad
•   Mr. K.N. Dinesh Priyanka Karunaratne
•   Mr. K. Gunasena
•   Mr, Jayalal Ananda Kumarasiri
Our Vision
  •   Enhanced community access to sustainable energy options and integrated sustainable waste management mechanisms for improved quality of life
Our Mission
  •   To create an environment that enables the promotion and adoption of sustainable energy services and integrated sustainable resource management mechanisms. The Energy Forum defines the term sustainable energy as renewable energy and energy conservation
The Energy Forum was established with the participation of renewable and decentralized energy technology NGOs, private-sector firms, government agencies, and prominent energy community members in Sri Lanka to address their common issues in 1991.  The Energy Forum which was originally a project of ITDG became a non profit organization in 1999.

The great success of Energy Forum has been its bottom-up focus. Starting from the grassroots, the Energy Forum convinced local Community Based Organisations of their role in addressing the energy needs of the communities they serve. From there, the Energy Forum networked at District, Provincial and National levels, resulting in the establishment of an energy network.

One of the key achievements of the Energy Forum has been the establishment of the Federation of Electrical Consumer Societies (FECS) to give end users and consumers a voice in the decision-making process regarding off-grid energy.  The FECS now has around 200 ECS members, representing over 10,000 off-grid powered households.

The Energy Forum plays an active role as an organization specialising in the field of energy and waste management and has made significant contributions to the promotion of the renewable energy technologies and delivery systems and sustainable waste management practices.
This includes
    • the provision of renewable energy services to both on-grid and off-grid Sri Lankan communities

    • introducing rural economic development activities utilising off-grid energy technologies

    • research and development initiatives to assess off-grid energy technologies and cross-sectoral applications of renewable energy
    • establishment of the Federation of Electricity Consumer Societies which consists of over 200 off-grid electricity consumer societies

    • introduction and implementation of sustainable waste management practices

    • promotion of fair and sustainable energy and waste management policies and mechanisms

    • acting as a partner for local and global renewable energy and waste management initiatives

    • initiating dialogue and sharing information on climate change issues and mitigation and adaptation measures among the concerned parties including the general public through the media

    • developing and publishing alternative solutions and plans to address the emerging energy crisis issues and organizing high-level platforms for policy makers 


Energy Forum
No. 5/3,1/1, Railway Avenue, Nugegoda
Sri Lanka.
Telephone +94 11 281 7710/ 94 11 552 4613
Facsimile +94 11 553 2188

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