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Submission on Long term generation Expansion Plan (2013-2032) of the CEB. [Read the publication]
“Coal vs. Renewable Energy : Debate of false choices” [Read the publication]
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YEAR 2010:An end goal for Biodiversity conservation. [Read the publication]
What is important-Economic Growth or Higher level of life satisfaction? [Read the publication]
Waste Management -Issues and Solutions [Read the publication]
Rights and Responsibilities of the modern day electricity consumer. [Read the publication]
From the Third world to the First World- Is it the right path? [Read the publication]
Vision for the future vs the power generation plan. [Read the publication]
Vision for the future- Consumerism or Frugality? [Read the publication]
A Postscript to 'Mahinda Chinthana" vision for the future. [Read the publication]
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Renewable energy sector in Sri Lanka and the Presidential election. [Read the publication]
Challanges of 2010 and Believable change for a brighter future. [Read the publication]
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Intense Climate negotiations at Copenhagen. [Read the publication]
In a timely move, Sri Lanka should join the climate vulnerable Forum. [Read the publication]
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National Electricity Consumer Movement [Read the publication]
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GLIRICIDIA-Fourth Plantation crop of Sri Lanka [Read the publication]
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2. Oil priced doubled during the last 6 months. [Read the publication]
1. America-One small step forward on the Climate Change front [Read the publication]
E-Scene 2002 October [Read the publication]
E-Scene 2001 January [Read the publication]
Rahan 2003 November [Read the publication]
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"A world without Oil or Coal" Asoka Abeygunawardana [Read the publication]
An Alternative Proposal to the new electricity tariff structure of the Ceylon Electricity Board [Read the paper]
Integrated Sustainable Waste Management Programme of the Energy Forum - English [Read the paper]
Integrated Sustainable Waste Management Programme of the Energy Forum - Sinhala [Read the paper]
Integrated Sustainable Waste Management Programme of the Energy Forum - Tamil [Read the paper]
Power for the People - Dendro Power Technology [Read the paper]
Integrated Sustainable Waste Management Model [Read the paper]
The Energy Crisis and Climate Change - English [Read the paper]
The Energy Crisis and Climate Change - Sinhala [Read the paper]
Future Challenges of Electricity Planning - Presentation by the Executive Director of Energy Forum [Read the paper]
New Electricity Tariff Proposal [Read the paper]
Electricity Bill Crisis- a way out! [Read the paper]
Press statements-VNG Workshop at Hikkaduwa-Sinhala [Read the paper]
Energy & Poverty Study Report [Read the report]
Incoperating Social & Environmental concerns in Long term electricity Generation Expansion Planing in SL. [Read the report]
Comparison of Electricity supply and Tariff Rates in South Asian Countries. By Faisal Jamil, Energy Specialist [Read the report]
Reshaping Economic Geography -Connecting people to Prosperity [Read the report]
2011 Key World Energy STATISTICS - International Energy Agency [Read the report]
Share of total Primary energy supply in 2008 in Sri Lanka. [Read the report]
Total primary energy supply 2008 in Sri Lanka. [Read the report]
Consumption of Oil Products in 2008, Sri Lanka. [Read the report]
Annual Estimates of Gross Domestic products (GDP)2010, Dep. of Census and Statistics. [Read the report]
Smart Grid IEA [Read the report]
Technology Roadmap-Smart Grid -IEA [Read the report]
Sri Lanka Energy Balance 2007, An Analysis of Energy sector Performance-Sri Lanka Sustainable Energy Authority. [Read the report]
Speculation and Oil price Volatility, Robert J. Weiner. [Read the report]
Economic and Social statistics of Sri Lanka 2011, Central Bank of Sri Lanka. [Read the report]
Feed-in-Tariff in Sri Lanka [Read the report]

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