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  Federation of Electricity Consumer Socities  

Federation of Electricity Consumer Societies
The Federation of Electricity Consumer Societies is a community organization that functions through the joint action of Electricity Consumer Societies attached to isolated rural hydro electricity plants distributed throughout Sri Lanka. The FECS has an active membership of 104 Electricity Consumer Societies and its Executive Committee consists of 12 members representing 6 districts in Sabaragamuwa, Southern and Uva Provinces, 4 Provincial Energy Officials and 2 National level experts. 10,250 families currently obtain electricity from these plants, covering a total population of around 51,000. FECS receives considerable backstopping support from the Energy Forum.


Purpose of the FECS

There are about 50,000 families in Sri Lanka who are unable to obtain electricity from the main power grid but are able to obtain power through hydro-electricity projects. People living in these areas erect small hydro electricity plants using their own funds and labour to produce electricity from streams that flow through their villages.  The plant is constructed in a manner that is not harmful to the environment and that is in keeping with the needs of the members and the potential of the stream. These are plants with a capacity between 3-100 kW. The village forms an Electricity Consumer Society to attend to the maintenance and administration of the plant. Over 10,000 families have already obtained electricity in this manner. However, the Electricity Consumer Societies face a great deal of problems in maintaining these plants. To address such issues, the Federation of Electricity Consumer Societies was formed in order to face these challenges collectively. 

Services of the FECS       

  • Providing the guidance required for the sustainability, development and progress of the rural hydro electricity projects.
  • Providing guidance as regards the technology and standards suitable for project activities.
  • Providing training, awareness and instruction to activists in member societies.
  • Ensuring justice for consumers who have been subjected to unfair treatment by technical suppliers.
  • Obtaining from various institutions the assistance required for the progress of the rural hydro electricity sector.
  • Establishing and duly maintaining an information centre about rural hydro electricity projects in Sri Lanka.
  • Obtaining a common representation for Electricity Consumer Societies in national and international level programmes conducted for the development of this sector.
Registration of Voluntary Social Services/ Non Governmental Organization under Voluntary Social Services Organization (Registration & Supervision) - Ministry of Social Services, SRI LANKA - (Reg: No. L- 64516 - Date 2003-03-06)
  General Information and Membership Enquiries

Contact Person:- Mr. Y. P. Dassanayake - Coordinating Officer

Mailing Address:- 10/5, 1/1, Averihena Road, Kirulapone, Colombo-05, Sri Lanka

Telephone Number: +94 11 55 24 613

Facsimile Number: +94 11 55 321 88

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